Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lee An on Welcome to Gyeonggi Province and YangYang Songi Mushroom Festival

Lee An performance with Jeju MV

With media guest, Hui Li from Wanbao, Thomas from Teens, Chwee Hua from The New Paper

Group photo with KTO & Gyeonggi Province

Group photo with KTO & YangYang Songi Mushroom Festival (25-29 Sept 2009)

With Christina and Pei Yong from Razor TV

Group photo with Mr. Yang (Director of KTO) and LAFC guests

Reserve table for Lee An and fans from LAFC

Lee An performance with Jeju MV

With "New Fans", Mr Kim Ik Hwan from Korea, Yangyang-gun hahaha

11 May 2009


noizumi said...

yeah! Nice haircut~~~ ^^

su said...

yep... nice hairstyle..
hmm.. is that MQ behind LA ssi??
wat are u doing there?? hehehehe...

Zoey said...

meiqi is hiding behind!!!
i had to LOOK for meiqi!!!

meiqi said...

LOL!!! pple always look at me..aigoo..make me so shy~~ keke! ^^

Anonymous said...

really like this pic...


Anonymous said...

i like u're new hair..
really nice..hehe...^^
u look more handsome n cute..hehe..^^