Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Night, Korean Pop Night concert

I had great times with this Korea Festival 2008 in Singapore with all great fans who loves Korean Pop and my singing. ^ ^

Yesterday I report 10.30am for the concert rehearsal, we arrived there already could see some of the fans seat ourside for wait their stars.

For this time, my company took charge in Singapore side singers. Me and Carrie Yeo (Project Super Star2). We used same waiting room, started 1st rehearsal from 11.30am.
SBS Korean TV station organized whole concert, the lighting and graphic was great.

For morning time rehearsal started from Kim Jong Wook who has really nice voice, and 2PM.
After that was our time. Lee An and Carrie Yeo. I sang '함께해요, Us' from my EP. It is Rimix version of Korean traditional folk song and pop. The concert is for something Korea-Singapore culural exchange opportunity, so I choose this song.
Carrie sang 'Love Fool' the theme song from local movie '12 Lotus'. She has powerful voice which is very impressed.

And followed by U Kiss, Chae Yeon, Wonder Girls.... After it, all singers had lunch together. Then started Jun Jin, Andy, Jewelry, V.O.S's rehearsal.

3pm, started Camera rehearsal again. After finished it, Carrie and I had interview with Teens Magazine inside of the waiting room. We both enjoyed the interview and had simple dinner. The time past very fast, everybody standby for the actual concert, and audiences came into the stadium.

It was great night! So many audiences cheer up the mood, it was really special night for both Korea and Singapore. After the concert, front of waiting room, Alivn, Diya, Carrie, Me, Boyi, Alice, Li Yi

The concert hosted by Li Yi, Andy and Park Jung Ah. Li Yi's host was great! She use both Korean and English lead the whole concert and made it success. My fans seat, Thanks so much! ^ ^
Thanks for all my fans supported me! It was too crowed so didn't really manage to find good time meet up all fans. Sorry about it. We meet soon again! ^ ^

Today had another event which is call 'Korea-Singaore Music Industry Exchange' event. (Couldn't really remember the full name, was very long... hm... -_-) I host the event with KeWei, the local femal singer. Before they have dinner function and Riz-Carlton Hotel, there was a press conf with Korean singers, Jun Jin, Kim Jong Wook, U Kiss and Jewelry attended.

On dinner function, we had more time to met up with the concert organizer(KOCCA) and other local music industry VIP guests from MTV, Wanner Music, Universal Music, Sony BMG, Oceanbutterfly.
After dinner, Me, Wendy, Pam, Annie, Li Yi, Boyi, Lee Hua

After dinner all singers say good-bye and left to the airport. I believe that many of fans enjoyed their star and will waiting another great concert come back to Singapore again.

It was great moment could share with everyone who love K Pop in Singapore. I hope to make more opportunity to bring to great songs for more people. Hwaiting! ^ ^

2008. 11. 5.


Lee Hua said...

wa~ what's a long post u have... seem like everyone enjoyed... great! Lee An too... Hope will have more in future... Also hope to hear you sing more songs... Enjoyed the live performance...

~~PaM 팸~~ said...

wah! long long post :D
really happy to see you perform and also hope to hear you sing soon!
we really enjoy the performance and the dinner ^^

Lee An said...

Hello...Ni Hao Ma?
Lee Hua & Pam, Yes, I will sing more song in further concerts!
I am alway happy when I on stage.
So 22 Nov, see you soon again! ^ ^
Zai Jian!

Lee Hua said...

Zao an, Lee An ^^
oooh... you have started to use han yu pin yin... keke
Good good, man man xue xi...
We can help you whenever we can...
Hwaiting! Hwaiting!
Yes, will see you soon!
Lee An ssi, jiayou jiayou!!

Joanna Lee said...

Hello Lee An

I'm finally back! And I actually missed so much fun for these events!!!! I guess u should be leaving for Indo today.... I'm only working tomorrow....

See u soon!

Lee An said...

Hey Joanna you back!!
You missed all the fun,yes.. pity.. next time.. ^ ^
How was your trip? good?
I'm still in Singapore, waiting next schedule in Jakarta.
So maybe can find you somewhere the airport again soon. ^ ^

cheez said...

wow! u were among pretty babes^^ & u have a brand new pretty webpage...