Monday, November 3, 2008

Went to Y.E.S.93.3FM Radio Studio

Today I had radio interview on Li Yi's program.
Had interview about Korean Pop Night concert on tomorrow.
It was great fun be On Air and communicate with more Singapore fans.
Hope I have more chance to meet more friend here! ^ ^
I tried to more about beautiful place of Jeju.
Suddenly I couldn't remember 'Teddy Bear Musem'
So... I tried to thinking... thinking... only can think 'Panda bear?'
hahaha... even worse, I saw a 'Doraemong' (Japanese cartoon) picture on the studio wall, then, totally forgot about my 'Teddy Bear' hahaha...
So today's my interview, after finished, in my brain only 'Panda' and 'Doraemong' left.....
Btw, I like to say thanks to Li Yi, ^ ^give me this interview opportunity, next time I will bring more fun topic for share with 93.3 listeners. 다시 불러주세요~ ㅎㅎㅎ
Here I upload some photos~

After interview, with Li Yi
감사합니다! This is something interesting one.
Energy's sign on celling of the studio.
Ha ha ha.. cute!


Lee Hua said...

Haha~ Do you still thinking of your "Panda bear" and "Doraemon"? That's cute~ Glad that you were on FM Radio recording^^ Thanks for sharing your photos and updating yourself! Thank you always!


Lyn said...

yup..yup..heard your voice on fm933... :)

and yes, i was wondering how come it took you so long to say 'teddy bear museum in jeju"...hahaha...

wanted to sms in but in the end did not do so....sorry!!

it's good that you have a chance to promote the korea trip on radio...

BUT why are you singing only 1 song on K-pop concert whereas the rest of the korean artistes gets to sing 2-3songs each?**puzzled**

Lee Hua said...

Yep yep, we wish u able to sing more than 1 song....

lucy said...

i also heard your voice on-air... It is good to have a chance to promote on 933FM... Nice station very popular No.1 station in singapore... hahaha.. tat's also my favour No.1 radio station.

Oh ya! forgotten to send something to boyi..sigh..
Nevermind i think still got chance next time.

Nice to meet you up just now after the concert.

Good night n Sweet dreams...

lucy said...

hahaha... that Engery photo on 933FM ceiling, i also got took it.

Ann Chan said...

aww.. doraemon.. cutee :D
nice photos! hope you enjoyed yourself these few days! (for kpop talent contest and tonight's concert itself).... must be tiring.. have a good rest oppa~ ^^

Anonymous said...

안녕하세요^^ 제 이름은 shanna이고 싱가폴 사람이에요. 저는 처음 이 블로그 들러요.^^ 노래를 아주 좋아해요.


Lee An said...

>>Ann Chan
Thanks Ann Chan, yes had busy days for some of Korea Festival.
Will take some days for good rest! ^ ^

안녕하세요? 블로그에 와줘서 고마워요. 제 노래 좋아해줘서 고맙고요.
앞으로도 자주 만나요! ^ ^ 화이팅!