Wednesday, November 26, 2008

White Xmas with Lee An - Fans Gathering at Korea Plaza

White Christmas with Lee An - Fans Gathering
Let's celebrate early Christmas with Lee An 1st Dec!

Date : 1st Dec 2008
Time : 6.30 to 8pm
Venue : Korea Plaza (3 Church St. Samsung Hub, near Raffles MRT)

*Dress Code : White and Christmas colours

What's happening?

- Korean Kim Bap making class by Lee An

- 2 Games

* Prize : Lee An necklace & special gift from Lee An

- Korean Traditional Wedding costume try up with Lee An

* Choose 5 person for 'Bride', take picture with Lee An in 'Groom' costume

(Photo from Ju Shin Jung 누나 Cyworld^ ^)

* Thanks for Attending! ^ ^
1. Lee Hua
2. Justin
3. WendyQ
4. Sung Min Aka Jass
5. Joanna
6. Justine
7. Jia Yi
8. Chun Hye
9. Li Mei
10. Annie
11. Lucy
12. Su
13. Carol
14. Halimah
15. legra
16. Jacq
17. Juana
18. Aidan
19. Xue Fen
20. Min
21. Gladys
22. Pam
23. Wendy Lee
24. Melia
25. Kiew Moi
26. Nikki
27. Hui Min
28. Meiqi
29. zoey

(Please inform to if you applied, but can't find the name on here! ^ ^ thanks)


Lee Hua said...

^^ will be attending
Hope everyone will enjoy that day~

Justin said...

I will be attending too for the gathering. Xmas exchange present is 1 enough?

wendyq said...

surely will be there.........

see you soon

SungMin aka Jass said...

Of Cos I am going haha!!!
see you all there and
really hope that those ppl attending will haf LOADS of fun!!!

Joanna Lee said...

Yes I'm attending too!

Gift exchange any price limit?

Anonymous said...

must bring gift to exchange??

Justine said...

sure~ i will be attending~

Jia Yi said...

yeah~ i will be attending the gathering~

Lee An said...

Hi thanks, see you on the gathering. And there is No gifts exchange! The plan changed, so feel free to come & enjoy! ^ ^ See you!

SungMin aka Jass said...

I am helping Chun Hye register...
she'll be going too~~

Li mei said...

i'll attend for sure ! (:

see you !

Lee Hua said...

I am helping Annie and Lucy to register~
They'll be going too~

Anonymous said...

hi.. i'll be attending as well!!


Anonymous said...

i'm coming too....


carol said...

hey hey... i wanna join too.. sounds like fun ^^ so everyone could join, right? ^^

Halimah said...

I'm going too. Legra is coming along too. So 2 of us. =)

wendyq said...

Jacq will come along too....... pls include one more... Wendyq

Juana said...

I will be attending. Ying Ying leaves office 7pm, will be late.

Min said...

My friend, Gladys and i, Min will be attending the event too !!
Can't wait for it ^_^

~~PaM 팸~~ said...

I'll be able to attend ^^
Include me as well~ thanks ^^


~~PaM 팸~~ said...

one more... include my friend Wendy Lee too ^^ thanks

Min said...

Please include Gladys in the list too ^_^

Sorry and Thanks!

Nikki said...

hi i'd be attending too.. gomapsumnida ^^

Zoey said...

meiqi,huimin and i will be there~

Zoey said...

meiqi,huimin and i will be going~

~~PaM 팸~~ said...

opps... please add one more person... "Melia" ^^

lucy said...

Hi Lee An,
Sorry i'm unable to attend your pass few days event, as i'm not in Will see you later. Thanks Lee Hua for helping me to register.