Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wan Bao interview on Fri newspaper and coming Sat...

Hi Everyone! Here I have some report of the day.. hahaha...

Today I went to a nice showroom and Milleniawalk, 'Systemind Platform' for interview.
I like the idea of unique interior design a lot, and I did interview with Wan Bao there.
I was fun! You can read about it on coming Fri Wan Bao!

Ms. Kho Swee Har(SPH) & Me

This Sat, 22nd Nov, I have 3 schedules, here I put down and share with you!

8.30am Walkathon
I will join the Walkathon for Children's Charity Association Christmas Fair. If you interest in walk a round in Orchard Road with 'Angels' you can register here!! ^ ^
Please more support! Christmas, make special memory with Children!

10.30am Rehearsal at RELC
After Walkathon, I will rush down to RELC to check the sound system and rehearsal for afternoon 'Korean Speech Contest' performance.

12.00pm Short break
Looks like need short break before next step is it? ^ ^

2.00pm Preparation start
For the 'Love In Any Language' performance

3.00pm 'Love In Any language' at Takashimaya
'Love In Any Language' Performance with Y.E.S.93.3FM

顶尖流行音乐电台Y.E.S. 93.3 FM ST. ANDREW 自闭症协会筹款活动
做善事, 献爱心!

来临星期六,下午3点至4点,全体Y.E.S.93.3FM DJ会到义安城广场为Y.E.S.93.3FM助养的慈善机构ST. ANDREW 自闭症协会筹款. 除了DJ和韩国艺人李安的精彩表演,林俊杰也会莅临现场拍卖他的独家纪念品. 只要参加筹款活动,就有机会赢取丰富奖品. ...

- Lee An performance and auction time : 3.25pm to 3.45pm
- During the performance there will be auction for fund raising to CCA, 'Go Winter Tour to Korea with Lee An' 1 pair.
- After (or Before) performance, will visit Systemind Platform booth for short meet & greet!

Hope I can do good perform and attract more people, more fund for the Children! ^ ^

4.15pm Korean Speech Contest
- Performance as guest singer at RELC.
- Lee An performance time : 4.30pm
Heard KBS and MBC will come down for filming too! Many support please~ ^ ^

Ok, till now, that's it! ^ ^
I will see you all soon!

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