Monday, November 24, 2008

Love In Any Language & 4th Korean Speech Contest

What a great day! Good to know many people and enjoyed performance at Takashimaya & RELC. ^ ^Here share some of photos!

Walkathon with angels..^ ^ Orchard road, 8.30am start!
Was hot, but great morning!!

With an angel, before Mrs. Nathan arrive

Angel's fashion show with MediaCorp artistes
They reform the dress for kids

Cool K Time Radion Interview
KBS filming

KBS filming

After morning Walkathon & interview, quickly moved to RELC for rehearsal

Sound check

My favorite item ^ ^

Sound check for Love in any language performance

Y.E.S.93.3DJs special performance!

Waiting performance time, but curious what happen outsite! haha
JJ Lim's stage

First song, Love always follow you
Love in any language Christmas Fair with Y.E.S.93.3.FM DJ Li Yi & Jia Fa!
Doing auntion for fund raising!

Fans! thanks! ^ ^

Winter tour auction winner! ^ ^ Thanks for participant fund rasing for children

KBS Kim Soo Kyong PD
Filming Lee An

Systemind Platform, Mrs. Jacqueline
She is the designer and director of this special furniture design.
I like it! ^ ^

Moving to RELC after CCA performance, inside the car

RELC Lee An booth

The poster, 4th Korean Speech Contest

Some interview, the MC was fun, he is teacher of Singapore Korean School

With fans!

Su with red balloon! ^ ^ Nice to meet you!
Met new friends there! Nice to meet you all! ^ ^

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Lee Hua said...

long weekend event ^^ the photos with all the talks inside... ooo~ i like the red indian designed bracelet... so nice...