Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you want to share some Korean Pop Night 'Rehearsal' photos! haha

We my fans, thanks!!! ^ ^

Carrie, me and Li Yi

Group photos

Carrie on the stage
-> from here are rehearsal photo..

Morning rehearsal, Lee An, me!

Chae Yeon, talking with PD & audio team

V.O.S., wonderful vocal!

2PM, good movement!

Close up shot!

U Kiss, cheerful boyband!

Andy with dancers

Photo by Alice Gan, thanks Alice!

Oh, btw the concert will broadcast tonight 12.55am, check out on-air service! ^ ^

1 comment:

Lee Hua said...

thanks for sharing the pix~ gonna to be tired having the morning rehersal... but you perf well on tat day and we enjoyed ^^