Monday, November 3, 2008

K-Pop Talent Contest

Lee An in K-Pop Talent Contest
Guest Singer Performance
2nd Nov 2008 @ Vivo City

In the car... heading to VivoCity
Some more picture with 'Beautiful Ladies' ^ ^

Pam, Juana, Ying Ying, Sung Min, Li Mei, Lee Hua, Chun Hye, Annie, Lucy

Maggie, Tracy, Geraldine, Yun & Ricia


Lee Hua said...

Thanks for sharing the photo~ Will see you again soon in another performance~ ^^ Please do take care of yourself during your stay in Singapore...

cheez said...

~WoW~ yes, do take care...u seem to b quite loaded with programs in this month...see u soon!

Li Mei said...

Thanks for the photos.. ^^
yesterday you really look great!

see you soon again.
Take care..

lucy said...

Hmm.. Although yestherday nite you sing one song only, but i'm sure everyone up there will be very happy and enjoy.. ^^

Take care..
Hope to see you soon!!

jeniffer said...

Wah, very nice blogspot u have.. anyway the stars look so beautiful too