Monday, November 30, 2009

Lee An - Christmas Light-Up at Mt. Alvernia Hospital 4th Dec 2009

Lee An brings Winter Wonderland to
Mt. Alvernia Hospital Christmas Light-Up

Date : 4th Dec 2009
Time : 7pm
Venue : Mt. Alvernia Hospital

* LAFC members are invited


Lee Hua said...

Finally... have some coming up event in sg ^^
Thanks for arranging ^^

Anonymous said...

Ah... Nt. Alvernia Byeong-won..

Should be able to make it on Friday, as I don't think i have classes that evening. :)

Must go and support An-ssi. And also, test out my NEW camera on him! haahah



Lee Hua said...

Thomas has a new camera... That's cool ^^
Yes yes~ support new and test test ur new cam on An ssi. Haha~
If you dun mind, can test on us too =p

Anonymous said...


Got something on ....can't make it...
very sad...

but will try to turn up for the Christmas thingy...altho i'll be very late again....


Sound of my heart breaking!