Saturday, October 3, 2009

[Photo] 2009 Korean Festival Day 4 - Cheong gye Concert

Heading to rehearsal

Hanna, Nara and Lee An

Cheonggye Square

Interview with Ms. Yoo Ji Hee from KBS

Interview with Ms. Yoo Ji Hee from KBS


Heading back to Hotel for change

Ready for concert

At the hotel lobby

Near stage area, with Min Ah

Near stage area, with Hanna


Stage with lighting effect

With Lulujam, before performance

With dancing team, 'Icarus'
Thanks for the great dance for 'I'll be there for you' and 'Woowa Doowa'

Before jump up to the stage!
Go go go!!!

Lee An's stage

* More close up photos will be update soon!

Lulujam's stage
So fun!!! Great performance!
Lulujam's interview
The first question for Nara, "Can you speak Korean?"
Nara answered "YES!!! Samgyupsal"
Cute girl! ^ ^

After performance, at the waiting room! ^ ^
Interview with Mr. Kang Sung Chul from Yonhap News, after the performance
Mr. Kang had good impression of Lee An's stage, so he requested special interview with Lee An right after the performance.
Thanks for the concern and interview! ^ ^

Min Yong Chi with Santa Band
Great perfrmance!
DJ. Son from Austrailia

The concert over, waiting for next stage! ^ ^


Lucy said...

Hi Hi ~ Lee An,
You must be very enjoy n happy!!
Did you have fun??

P.S : Hope to see you back here again ^^


Halimah said...

Looks fun! It's been quite a while since we last saw you perform on stage. Wooo~~

I like the layering concept of the necklace. Stylish ^^