Monday, November 30, 2009

Lee An & Yoo Ye Eun - Assisi Hospice 7th Dec 2009

Lee An & Yoo Ye Eun


Date : 7th Dec 2009
Time : 1.30pm
Venue : Assisi Hospice
* Invited Guests Only

Korean Piano Prodigy, Yoo Ye Eun and Korean Singer, Lee An to light up Singapore’s December

2nd December 2009 – Seven-year-old Korean piano prodigy, Yoo Ye Eun, is set to perform on “The SPD Charity Show 2009 (真情无障爱2009)” on 6th December. Ye Eun was invited to be part of the line-up for the 3-hour charity show which aims to raise public awareness on the importance of identifying capabilities rather than focusing on limitations. Viewers can make donations through the telephone poll lines available on the day. “The SPD Charity Show 2009 (真情无障爱2009)” will be broadcasted on Channel U on 6th December, 7.30pm.

Born blind, Ye Eun has never learned piano, but since she was two years old, she started playing the piano to accompany her mother’s singing. Ye Eun has since performed on more than 20 major stages, such as the Korean variety show, “Star King” with Britain’s Got Talent’s Connie Talbot. In 2008, Ye Eun also performed with Singaporean singer Rahimah Rahim for Singapore Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong at the 55th Anniversary celebrations for the Young Women Muslim Association.

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On the 7th of December at 11am, Ye Eun will also be having a mini performance at the Singapore Korean School. After which, at 1.30pm, she will be joined by Lee An, a Singapore-based Korean singer, for a vocal and piano performance harmony at Assisi Hospice. This event will only be opened to invited guests.
Lee An will also be performing for Assisi Hospice’s “Christmas Light-up” event on 4th December 2009. The event will begin at 5pm, and Lee An is scheduled to perform at 7.30pm. The public is welcome to make $10 donations to light a bulb for the patients and their family members on the 30-foot Tree of Lights, located in front of Assisi Hospice and Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Managed by Boom Korea Pte Ltd, the Singapore-based Korean singer launched his first album, “The Birth” in Feb. 2007 in Singapore, followed by his second album “Us” in May 2008. Since he began his career, Lee An has been actively promoting in Singapore, Korea and from 2009, Indonesia. With the upcoming launch of his third album, the 29-year-old singer plans to enter more South-East Asian countries as well as promote in Korea. On 11th December 2009, Lee An will be departing for an 8 days 6 nights Winter Korea Tour with a group from Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

AH~! That YE EUN!!
I know her... she's talented allright!
did she travel alone to SG??
i mean, her parents should be with her also right??

can't wait to see oppa and Ye Eun to perform together... There will be video(s) right?? ^^

nice pic btw~ ^^