Monday, January 4, 2010

Let it snow...let it snow... let it snow...

Got a big surprise from mother nature!!
... i woke up ready to go to work but then i looked outside the window: i was shocked to see super- heavy, heavy, snowing AND i looked at the ground and there's just a massive pile of snow!!!
S.N.O.W....S.N.O.W. and more S.N.O.W!!!!
25 cm thick!!!!!!!! First time in over a hundred and three years in 103 years!!!!!

I wasn't able to get out of the house so i decided to take some pictures and share with all of you:


this car is half-covered in snow already... "snow-mobile" anybody?

...and because the snow was so thick, some people started doing snow boarding on the road!!!! yes, snowboarding beside regular traffic (as in beside a moving bus...)

We need to wear 아이젠 (climbing irons) so that we won't fall on the snowy-slippery ground... cool, huh?

Guess whose foot print is this....hmmm?? (and yep, that's 25cm worth of snow!)

i call this one: "roadside snow hill"... this is how much snow the people cleaned up on the road... and it's still snowing!!!

Little snow man (handcrafted specially by yours truly!) -- A gift from Korea!!

It is such a pity that we missed the snow fall during our tour!
But i hope that you all enjoyed these photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and maybe in next year's tour there will be snow fall (and hope it is not as bad as this...)


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! THE CAR covered in snow... :X
But what a cute snowman!Hahaha


Halimah said...

어~~~또 눈이 안봤어요 TT.TT

Why must it snow so much after we go back to Singapore...왜 왜 왜???

Maybe this time's wish for snow was too much. ㅎㅎㅎ

Lee Hua said...

Really heavy snow...
Watching new just now, saying about heavy snow in Korea...
No fate to see the snow during the tour ><... praying hard for the future...
The white car is covered with white snow till almost cannot see any... Haha~ Anyway take goody care and drive carefully~~
LA in the freezer while we all are in the oven... Haha~

Anonymous said...

Don't know to be happy or not.... :X
In Seoul, the blizzard has dumped more than 10in (25cm) of snow – the greatest snowfall since 1937,...
Apparently, Gimpo International airport has cancelled 224 flights before resuming service in the afternoon.
My students from Korea are here in Singapore now, enjoying the summer heat... ahhaha Luckily they flew in before the heavy snowfall!


Halimah said...

Just read about a Korean artist getting into an accident because of the snow....this reminds me of you...Lee An ssi, don't speed ok! Take your time and enjoy the winter while you can. We need you to come back to Singapore in one piece~~~

Suhaila said...

fly me back to Korea!!!!