Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sundown Live Party! Day 3 - Sundown Live Party! @ Zoul

Sundown Live Party!

The Venue, Zouk

Rehearsal at Zouk

Sundown Live Party!

Had late lunch after the rehearsal. Minhye & Xue Fen

Let's rock! Sundown Live Party!

Thanks for the spport! :)

Big suprise gift from Lee Hua, LAFC Exco
Oli Pettigrew, good job Oli! :)
Sony Style TV Magazine on AXN, FYI
Thanks Oli! :)

Thanks!! LAFC!! ^ ^

With Kei Shi

Nice to meet you! Glad to know you like my songs!



noizumi said...


Lee An oppa looked like Bae Yong Jun-sama!!
so handsome!!!

I like the new haircut~ ^^

will there be videos??

The Lame One said...

Hello, I was one of the fans asking for your autograph when you came out of the hotel (gallery) yesterday. Thanks a lot!!!! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Lee Hua said...

Good perf, Lee An ssi ^^
Good to hear you sing again~
Hope you enjoy urself...

Halimah said...

Everyone was so high last night! Wooo~~