Friday, March 19, 2010

Dennis Lau Violinist Singapore album launching evet night

My good friend, Dennis Lau, I hosted the very special night, his Singapore album launching event.

During the rehearsal

Ready for the show!

With Dennis Lau

With Kelvin, Gael and Sam!
Good buddies! :)

Dinner with The Agency Team and Dennis, Jane

With Dennis & Patrick

Dennis and Jane

Dennis, Jane, Tat Tong, Kewei, Eileen and Patrick

(message from Dennis Lau's website)

Special Thanks:
- Dearest Managers, Eileen & Patrick of The Agency Team for being the Best & Believing in me.
- Lee An & Boyi, for being the greatest help in adding a new breath of fresh air & Element into this Launch. Let's look forward to our collaboration end month!=)
- Elyna Tan of Seacuisine for the sumptuous Thai Cuisine in Thai Thai, Mandarin Gallery.
- Fairmont Hotel, for the Venue and all its dedicated staff: Davin, Brian & Paul
- The Singapore Media for lending your support to the music & the gracious Interviews.

- DiversiFy Produced by Mosaic Music Entertainment -
- Album Published & Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment -

The Album, "Dennis Lau- DiversiFy", Now Available in all CD Rama & Rock Corner, Speedy & Victoria Music Center record stores in Malaysia. HMV in Singapore.

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