Friday, January 18, 2008

Riding the K-Wave

[Today : plus // Friday, January 18, 2008 ]
I shared this pleasnt moment on yesterday.
The Korean radio programing on FM96.3 from 1st of Feb.
Hope it can deliver more variety Korean culture to Singapore.
Interview with 89.7 FM Ms. Aura Shai.
It was quite fun and she's very cheerful person. Thanks Shai for the invertiew.
With Ms. Shai from 89.7

I sang my new song "함께해요;我们的未来;Us" for this stage.
The lyrics, half Korean and half Mandarin,
people said my pronounciation was quite good. :) haha...
With Chloe Cho from CNA
And 리이씨... 감사합니다.
Li Yi was there, she host the ceremony by Korean and English.
She invertiew me after my performance.
I speack Korean, Li Yi directly translate to English.
Thanks Li Yi!


cheez said...


too bad i didn't catch the cna news last night...but glad that u have this blog to update us on what we've missed out;p

oooh...u must have practice real hard on your mandarin^^ can't wait to listen to your new songs soon!!!

so happy for u^^

Lyn said...

i didn't know about the launching ceremony... but only read in today's TODAY paper...!! i was so excited to know that you were there and that there is a solely 2 hours k-pop programme!!! not too long ago, i was still thinking why Singapore can't have a radio station for k-pop entertainment and in less than a month, my wish came true!!!! i'm so happy!!!

hope we will get to hear your new song on 1st February.. if you have any promotions, do remember to inform us thru this blog!!!! will you be the guest on the 1st night??

Lee An, Fighting!!!!!

lyn said...

Lee An...where are you now? korea? singapore?

do update us....

Lee An said...

Hi Lyn
Thanks for your msg. I'm in Korea now. Still preparing 2nd album release in Singapore now.
The Korea radio station, until now I did simple congrate msg for them only.
Yes, I'm sure I will update here when I have other news. ^ ^
Recently, I studying mandrin through "shin Zzang", the japanese animation.
So... next time, I may can talk with you by mandarin! haha..
Jia You!

lyn said...

Hi Lee An time i see you i will speak in mandarin with you and you will know it's me!!hahahaha...

ok...will not disturb you take care of yourself in korea, it's still very cold over there. hope you will be back in singapore soon