Sunday, March 16, 2008

Korean Nite

Before 2nd album launch event, I will sing 2 new songs on this Korean Nite event.

You can litsen first my new songs from this night, at Jurong Country Club.

Hope to see you there!!!


cheez said...

wow! looking forward to the day! see u!

lyn said...

Lee An,

ok...will take note of the date and time..!

will inform my friends as well!!!

see ya!!!

Lee An said...

Hi cheez, thanks! See you there!
Lyn, thanks for your support as alway you do. I appreciate it. So, do let me know, when you there, "Hi, Lee An! I'm Lyn!" ok? ^^

chloe said...

Ok waiting to hear your new songs

Anonymous said...

Hello Lee an...

Wishing you all the best for coming album !!

I hope u post more often on blog to let us know your progess.

Tks and take care.

lyn said...

Lee An, any idea what time you will be there to sing?

Lee An said...

Hello! dear...
Thanks for your support, I will do my best with the new album. ^ ^
I will keep post the update news here of course. Let's share our story here together. ^ ^

Hi, Lyn
Ok, my stage time is around 8pm, I will be there 7pm. ^ ^

Lyn said...

heard the 2 songs today....nice and catchy but the sound system was terrible today, isn't it?

can't wait to get your will be out in April right?

Did you eat the donut i bought? hope you did eat at least 1...hahaha.....

Elyse said...

Just saw this post today! 리안, how did the event go? Wished I was there

Lee An said...

Hi Lyn! Glad that finally know you who you are! Thanks for came for support my stage on yesterday. Yes, I had the donuts right after I went back to changing room from the stage. I ate the cream one, really nice. Thanks.

The sound system had problem on yesterday, but the system direcotr appolozied me many times after it happen. I hope next time can show you all better stage with better sound.

Yes, the new album will relase out on Apr soon. Guess we have more chance to meet oftenly after that right? ^ ^ Glad that you like that 2 songs.

Thanks a lot! 감사합니다, 린, 티파니, 친구들!

Lee An said...

Hi Elyse!
The event was good. Met many good friends through it too.
Wish to you will be my album launch event soon! ^ ^

chloe said...

Heard your new you have been practising yr mandarin huh.

Except for the sound system, everything when well.

Jia You!

Lee An said...

Hi Chloe!
Thanks for coming down there.
yes, I practice mandarin very hard. haha... could you understand what I am singing? ^ ^
The sound system, yes..what a pity, but next time, promise you better stage! ;)

Lyn said...

for me, i only managed to hear the words like 'gao gao xin xin' (happy)...the sound system wasn't good, so can't really catch the words.... but your pronounciation is quite perfect....

리안,加油(jia you)-means 힘내세요 or 화이팅! :)

(if it is ok & possible, before the release of the album, post a small part of the song for us to hear on your blog?)

Lee An said...

감사합니다 린!
Feel good can hear that my pronounciation 'Perfect'!! hahaha..
I uploaded short video clip for title song, mandrin part.
How about this pronounciation? ^ ^

cheez said...

yes, nice songs! like them loads^^ good pronounciation too! but forgotten to bring along my camera so didn't grab you for a picture:p well, next time then:O)