Tuesday, April 1, 2008

함께 해요-我们的未来-Us

함께 해요-我们的未来-Us

This is a short video clip for my 2nd album title song, 함께 해요-我们的未来-Us
Can you understand my mandarin? ^ ^


Lyn said...

Lee An, the video did not play the song... a message on top of the screen says "We're sorry, this video is no longer available"...

is it because of the copyright issue? or did youtube deleted it away????

Elyse said...

Lyn, I could see the video. It's a nice clip

Try again? or maybe try viewing at the You Tube website

Lee An, I like the video & cool music

cheez said...

oh, same here...but i managed to find it on youtube...it's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSwP4RAFdw4 if u need...heee...

lovely song & video^^

Lyn said...

Hi elyse, thanks, i still can't watch it from Lee An's blog and have to use the link that cheez has provided. Thanks Cheez.

Lee An...i managed to hear the song...and i only managed to understand 3 full sentences, the other 2 sentences i managed to understand a few words only. See if i'm correct:

zhe bei zi wo men dou yi qi

bu guan shi qing duo nan guo

ou er wang zhe tian kong kai X dao jiao wai

XXX愉快 (都被的依旧)
XXX yu kuai (dou bei de yi jiu)

neng xi wang wo men you mei hao de wei lai

those in XXX and in bracket(), i'm not sure if i'm right...hahaha...

it's not easy for korean to sing mandarin songs....applause your courage to sing in mandarin, i felt that you have done well enough as a beginner but you must practise more often...

when will the album be release? don't tell me it's 27th April? hehehe.....

cheez said...

u are most welcome, Lyn!

Lyn, don't tell me u are already learning to sing? then Lee An's next appearance u can sing along! wow, that will be fun & cool!^^

too bad, am pretty lousy with singing & remembering the lyrics...haaa...listening & enjoying the music will do for me:P

Lee An said...

Hi Lyn, Elyse and Cheez
Thanks for the comment. Glad that you all like the song. ^ ^

Yes, that's good idea! I will consider to decide the release date on 27th of April. hahaha!

Here are the lyrics. I copy and paste here. ^ ^


I'm very happy you can catch most of the rylics by my mandarin. haha.. Thank you!!

cheez said...

wow wow wow!

yeah, we can all sing now^^

by the way Lyn, why 27 April?

Lyn said...

Cheez, it's Lee An's birthday...!!!

cheez said...

oops:P thanks for reminding...i'll put it down in my organiser^^