Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Album collection

Now we are waiting 2nd album in Singapore soon...
1st Album in Singapore
Compliation album
그녀는 눈물만 흘리고
Compliation album
힘내요 그대

2.5 Album in Korea

2nd Album in Korea
Compliation album
The Call
1stAlbum in Korea


Lyn said...

hi lee an,

didn't know you release so many albums in korea...! :)

i doubt your album will be out on 27th April,right? it's only 3days away from 27th...and there is no news on the release date..or it will be release in May instead?

chloe said...

Ya didn't knw u had so many albums in Korea.

Do they contain similar songs as per your album in Spore or different songs? Able to get in Spore?

cheez said...

Well, will patiently wait for the 2nd album to be released then...

in the meanwhile, HaPpY BiRtHdAy in advance! hope u have a great day & time wherever u are with a great company of pals!

chloe said...


So how u going to spend your day?

Lee An said...

Hi Lyn, Chloe and Cheez!
Thanks for the birthday msgs.
Yes, only 2 more days left.
I don't have any plan yet, yes, probably will hang out with friends to celebrate it.

Yes Lyn, the album release date targeted on 27th, but will need some more days. Will put here first when it out! ^ ^

The album collections are include compliation album together, that's why quite some of pictures are there. ^ ^ My own album are 4 of them.

Chloe, rest of the album you can't get in Singapore, but the song from my 1st album in Korea, I posted on main page on my blog.
Quite long time ago.. ^ ^
Please enjoy the song.

Lyn said...

리안씨, 오늘을,스물여덟살생일축하!!!!

생일축하 합니다
생일축하 합니다
리안에 생일을

Lee An said...

린, 생일축하 노래 고마워요 ^ ^

Joanna Lee said...

Hi Lee An

Can you give me the title of all your albums launched in Korea? Just your albums will do... Could ask my aircrew friends to get for me when they have flights to Seoul! Which I know there'll be 1 soon! Heehee!