Thursday, August 21, 2008

웬디의 선물

안녕하세요? Hi Everyone!

It's been a some days passed after the NATAS Fair.
I'm doing well and will waiting the NTU concert & Sqaure2 Chuseok Celebration!
Hope to see you there soon!

This special painting from Wendy.
I will keep well!
웬디, 감사합니다!
2008. 8. 21.


lucy said...

Hihi.. Lee An,
Glad to know you are doing well, I will be there for the two event.

See you there!

lee hua said...

yea ^^ glad to see you again soon!
take care~

**saranghae-oppa** said...

The painting is really pretty!
will be heading down for the mooncake event with my frens ~!

Take Care!


천혜 said...

Helloooooo 리안씨^^

Will be there at the SQ2 event but I can't make it for the NTU one due to work...seeya soon!!!^^