Monday, August 4, 2008

[Photo] LEE AN at NATAS Fair 2008

Happy moment, before stage! hahaha

LEE AN at the Korea Tourism Organization booth With Mr. Yang, Director of KTO

After performance
with Mr. Oh fro KTO & JPIT
Autograph session at Korea Tourism Organization booth

Autograph session at JPIT booth

After performance, with fans at NATAS main stage
FM95.8 LEE AN Radion Interview at the autograph session


cheez said...

WOW! so many pictures & lovely gifts...

glad that u are back again...was there on sunday...caught u sitting up on the "mountain" at KTO's booth^^

weather is pretty warm take care since u often fly:O)

Joanna Lee said...

So many pictures! Thank you so much for uploading them!

See u soon! Take care!

숭민 said...

hi LeeAn Ssi,

Glad that you liked the gifts and cards from us~ Really very happy to see you back in Singapore.. hope that there will be more events coming up soon...

See you soon, Take Care

Anonymous said...

passing by to leave u a message..

hope u are doing fine
have more water =)