Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello from Korea

Hello everyone! ^ ^
I'm doing well in Korea and miss you all!
Happy National Day Singapore!
The other day, I went to Shin Chon(신촌).

A lot of delicious food can enjoy!

I share with you by photos.. ^ ^

Today, I saw this very familiar face at supermarket, very suprised when I found out it!
^ ^
I will talk to you more later~!
Good night! ^ ^
2009. 8. 9.


Lee Hua said...

Hi LA,

Finally update ur blog...
Glad that you are doing well in Korea ^^
Nice pixs and food...
Tiger beer in Korea? Selling only 2000 over plus won... oooooo~
Take goody care of urself and hope to see u soon with ur new events etc...

noizumi said...


new update from LA!!!
Good to see this!!

Enjoy ur time there~~ ^^

Anonymous said...

annyeong lee an oppa...!!
remmember me???hehe..
wah...finally update u're blog..^^
btw...when will u come back to indo again??hehe..
btw...take care oppa..