Saturday, August 22, 2009

Night view in Korea Mapo

Hi Everyone!

Today so many people left msg to me here! ^ ^
Thanks and I feel miss you all a lot!

I took this photo when I went back to home at late night, in Mapo.
Also one cute gift for everyone, Teddy... ^ ^

I will update more often and say hello to everyone!
Thanks & See you soon!

2009. 8. 21.



Lee Hua said...

Hi 리안~ You are alive~ Haha~
Soooo mamny ppl miss you.....
Why is the bear holding a number? What is the meaning... hmm..

Halimah said...

Criminal bear! O_o

On a separate note, you're still alive! ㅎㅎㅎ

noizumi said...

u're alive!!

yes, i question that number on the teddy bear too..
what does it means??

lucy said...

Hi Lee An,
Today i went to a shopping mall i heard they play your song.. ^^

Lee An said...


Lee Hua, Halimah, Nozumi & Lucy
Yes, I'm here! Still alive! ^ ^

Lucy, good to hear that the shopping mall likes my song.

The bear, the model is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the number he hold, it's from the period during his prison. A gift from my Korean fan. ^ ^

Lee Hua said...

so sweet of ur korean fan ^^
now understand where's the number from... so do LA have your own no? Haha~

Halimah said...

LH, if LA has his own number, it means he is a criminal! Then can't come back to SG *dun dun dun*

Hahaha..anyway, I don't know why when I see the word "Mapo", it reminds me of "Mapo Tofu". ;p

Lee Hua said...

oopz~ HL, ya hor~ Haha~
Mapo tofu... yum yum~ making me hungry...

Anonymous said...


Too many numbers to buy lottery!!! :(~