Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009 Korean Festival artists profile

리안 (Lee An)
싱가포르한국에서의 뮤직프로듀서 활동을 바탕으로 싱가폴 등아시아지역에서 다채로운 음악 활동을 펼치고 있는 '리안!'

수차례에 걸친 쇼케이스와 스쿨콘서트 및 자선 공연을 통해두터운 팬층을 확보하고 있다.또한, 2008년 제주도와 한국관광공사의후원으로 3집 앨범 뮤직비디오를 촬영하였고, 싱가폴 팬들과 함께'리안과 함께하는 한국 겨울 여행'을 진행하여 한국의 아름다움을 소개한 바 있다.
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su said...

err... can anyone translate what its saying??

Anonymous said...

It's a bio on LeeAn :)
It runs something along the lines of... South Korean artiste Lee An is based in Singapore and has performed in the Asian region as well. He has showcased his music many times at school concerts and benefit events, thus gaining a loyal fanbase. He has also shot 4 music videos in 2008 in Jeju Island withthe suppot of Korea Tourism Organization. He has also done the Korean Winter Travel with fans to introduce to them the beauty of the country.

Basically they want the concert goers in Korea to know a lil more about lee An :)


su said...

thks T-Rex!!

Halimah said...

I think it was mentioned the music videos were for his 3rd album? Unless I read wrongly. Haha

Thomas said...

yeah hor... hahaha

shot music videos 4 his 3rd album :X

See.. that's what eating too much kimchi do to you ... confused~


Halimah said... kimchi never share...that's whay got bao ying...hahahaaa

Anonymous said...

The one at Burlington one very littlelor.. Eat twice finish liao...

So I bought a BIGGER packet from Queenstown NTUC :X

Not sure if all branches sell though...