Friday, September 4, 2009

[Notice] Lee An on '2009 Korean Festival' in Seoul 29th~30th Sep 2009

Lee An is invited for 2009 Korean Festival in Seoul from 27th Sep to 1st Oct 2009.

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Title: 2009 Korean Festival

Date: September 27th 2009 ~ October 2nd 2009

Location: KBS Hall in Seoul / The plaza of Cheonggye Stream in Seoul


- 9/27~28: Entry/official program/welcome party

- 9/29: [Main stage] Special stage by KBS
It will be screened on a nationwide broadcast in Korea and The KBS WORLD TV in all over the world.
* Performance: Classical music artists and the popular Korean singers

- 9/30: [Sub stage] “Open stage” at the plaza of Cheonggye Stream
* Performance: Overseas artists and the popular Korean singers

- 10/1: Farwell party

- 10/2: Departure

* Other details: expectation of coming on KBS morning program and interview


Lee Hua said...

Great! Good to hear that Lee An is performing on stage again ^^

su said...

err.... hw to leave msgs??

Anonymous said...

Hi Su

You click this link and the icon with 'pen' then can leave msg! hahaha


su said...

thks BY!!!

noizumi said...

i've left a msg there... :)

Lee An-ssi hwaiting!! ^^