Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hi Everyone! 곧 싱가폴에서 만나요!


How have you been everyone?
It's been a some time back when we meet during Mid Autumn Festival at Sqaure2.
For now, I'm preparing fly over to there to meet everybody again!
So exciting to wait November now.
I can see how everybody exciting and waiting for the Korea Festival 2008 in Nov. ^ ^
I will be join some of major event, hopefully can meet up everybody again when I'm back.

Do take care, and see you soon! ^ ^

2008. 10. 22.


lucy said...

Hi Lee An,
I'm fine over here.
Ah! you still at korea. Hope to see you back soon.

Take Care!

Stella said...

Hello Lee An, I'm kinda surprised that a Korean is based in Singapore after reading a blog article about 'Korean Pop Night'.
I wish you good health and gain great success in Singapore. :)

Lee An said...

Hi Stella
Thank you! Yes, I will do my best, hope to see you more often!
Jia You! ^ ^