Thursday, October 23, 2008

Share with me some scene of Hong Dae

Yesterday, I went out with my cousin
around Hong Dae (Hong Ik University) area.
There are many nice place to go!
I upload some pictures for share with you.
^ ^
I found these two cute bears around Hong Dae area.
It's near the drama spot for 'Coffee Prince'
There are many nice places to go with your good firends.
Bears look like discuss something seriously.. haha

Coffee House at Hong Dae

Coffee House at Hong Dae

The Koren text means, 'Level 5' hahaha

And I went to this nice French restaurant

Feel very cozy, and the nice smell made me hungry ^ ^

Something quite familar food from Singapore

And I miss Singapore already... hahaha...


chloe said...

oh i like the drawings on the window.

and i missed korea haahaa

lee hua said...

Thanks for sharing! Nice cozy place ^^
Miss Singapore... Haha~
You will be back soon ya....
Looking forward~

**saranghae-oppa** said...

Hong Ik University!!
Didnt go there when i was at Korea T_T
regretting it!! coz the cafe is so cute!
cant find this in Singapore~

Take good care of urself and your voice =)
Give ur best performance on Kpop Concert~!


cheez said... many updates here...heee...sorry, haven't been checking on you for awhile:p haaa...

it's indeed cozy to chill out at this cafe chatting with friends just like the bears^^

it's cooling & rainy here lately...maybe u will miss the sunny & warm:P

lyss said...

can ask you something ?
has the original coffee prince closed for good ?i heard there are 2 coffee prince cafes there.

i so want to visit the bear cafe ! at hongdae which part?near which coffee prince cafe?i hope to go again next spring...miss korea like crazy ...miss the weather,food,shopping there ...

take care & stay warm!:)

im still trying my best to win the kpop concert tickets!it's really so IMPOSSIBLE to get them...wish me luck ya!

xing said...

ohh nice pictures!!
thanks for sharing!

i want to visit korea someday TT