Saturday, October 18, 2008

LEE AN in Korean Pop Night, 4th Nov 2008

LEE AN in Korean Pop Night
Date : 4th Nov 2008
Time : 7.30pm
Venue : Singapore Indoor Stadium
For more tickets apportunity, Click the banner to Korean Air promotion site!

Korean Air sponsored 10 tickets for Lee An Singapore Fans!

Tickets are ready for Pamela, SungMin, Tan Lee Hua, Chun Hye, Lim Li Mei, Lucy Lee, Wendy, Annie, Heng Pui Ee, Viviene Tan

* When Boom Korea has more ticket information, will post it through or again. Thanks for the all application.


Lee Hua said...

^^ Lee An is back soon!
Looking forward~

**saranghae-oppa** said...

i so wanna go~!
hoefully shift doesnt crash
and that i can get the ticket~~

chloe said...

wow quite a number of events for the korean festival.

what time does Korean pop night starts?

JaeMin said...

can see Lee An's performance again!!!
*looking forward to the concert also*

Anonymous said...

so who has won the ticket?
i really keen to go !!! pls !!!
lee an !


성민 said...

Wow!!! 감사합니다 Boyi!!!
abit suprised to see my name
in the list of winners for the
tickets haha!
anyway really really looking forward to the concert!!!

lee hua said...

Thank you so much, BoYi~
Muackz muackz~

lucy said...

Hi Lee An,
Nice to see you perform at Korean Pop Night.

Thanks Boyi!

See you!

li mei said...

Thank you so much, Boyi!
looking forward to the concert & other events~~

do take care Lee An sshi.

Chun Hye, said...

Thanks so much for the tix!^^~Appreciates loads~Lookin fwd to the event!