Friday, March 6, 2009

[Photo] Lee An on The Media Fiesta 2009

Open concept back stage!

Thanks Tom for your durian puff! haha

Before the show start, at back stage with Tom & May Choon

Show start with some interview!

Love Always Follow You with Music Video in Jeju

How much do I know about Singapore quiz session!
And Sir. Thomas came up to the stage for help!
Thanks a lot! ^ ^

Another question, Singapore national day song!
Halimah gave me the help!
Thanks for your singing!

Last song, 'Happy My Star'

After the show, at the back stage

With the show host May Choon from Razor TV

With fans, group photo
Did you all enjoy today? ^ ^

Thanks for the flower Wendy!
With 2 beautiful ladines on purple!
Wendy said, purple color bring good luck to lady.. ^ ^

Cheer up call to Zoey & Mei Qi!

With May Choon & Jin Ha, her fiance!

Their wedding ring!
10 May, 결혼을 축하합니다!


Halimah said...

Ah! Remove my name! *hides*

Lee Hua said...

haha~ halimah dun need to hide...
you are great!!