Monday, March 2, 2009

[Photos] Lee An Fans Meeting on NATAS Travel 2009

Thomas promised me he will get this for next time!!! haha

Thomas's "the beautiful and colourful Kueh Lapis"
haha.. thanks! ^ ^

Suntec City

Group photo at the Citylink

MRT riding!

With Mr. Yang Moon Soo from KTO
Hangeul reading game!
The winners!

Thomas trying for 'advanced level'

With Calvin from Razor TV
Thanks for accompany the journey with us!

With Mr. Park from Ulsan Onggi Expo 2009

Thanks for coming down!

'Korea On Sale'

With Korean Traditional Wedding group

NATAS Travel 2009, Korean Tourism Organization booth
Lee An autograph session

happy girls..^ ^

autograph on CDs and photo from Jeju

Walk along with fans, from Singapore Expo to MRT station

Lee An order teas for fans
'Take away?'

at the City Link

Sky Garden at Suntec City
Playing game with fans

* photos by Lucy & Xue Fen, thanks! *
Thanks to everybody accompany me walk along!
It was really nice experience!
Hope you all not tired...
Thanks Tom for the beautiful Kueh?
Thanks Su & Halimah for the huge... pen... ^ ^
Thanks Lee Hua, Halimah, Pam, Zoey, Su, Legra & Shyan prepare the game board! It was fun!!!


lucy said...

Haha... u r welcome ^^
No wonder i see this pic so look a like mine..

Thanks for a great day you have given to us.. ^^

Halimah said...

ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ...the board was worth all Pam and my sleepless nights and dark rings...although most of it was Pam's brain doing the work since my Korean is still half-baked...

Btw, Zoey (a bit of her brain juice...ㅎㅎ), Su, Legra & Shyan also helped a bit with the game board ^^ (Guys sorry if Pam & I were a little harsh when we're stressed...I still love you guys OK? ^^)

Tell us if you need our help next time....but tell us waaaaaaaaay in advance so we won't die of panic!

~~PaM 팸~~ said...

I think everyone enjoy the day, because i know i enjoy it very much! Thanks everyone for everything ^^ It's really a new expeirence for me... but... i'm not going to step into city hall for sometimes... in case getting "regconize"... HAHAHA!!!

Salute to Hal also! she spent more then 10 hours in my house for the board and although she's feeling so stuffy with her tudong, she only went back at near midnight ^^

Legra, Shyan, Su also~ Thanks for arriving in the airport early morning to help us with the boards!
Thanks Zoey who gave us ideas during our conversation in msn.
(I might sound strict and fierce when i'm stressed, but i love you guys as much as Hal! haha)

Way to go LeeAn, Boyi and everyone!

Zoey said...

oi! what a bit of brain juice...=.=
though i really didnt help out at all..see! i'm honest! =)

traveling on mrt has never been so fun!!
next time all of us travel and go out play again! ^^

su said...

Ha & PM... there's no hard feelings... its for FUN!!!

That's the word.. 'FUN'!!

though i didnt help that much... ^^
color2 there... cutting2 here... thats about it... ^^
oh yar... & looking for NTUC!! hahaha....

aniwei... kekanda.. its CityLink.. not City Ling... hahahahaha~~~~!!

All in all... had a GREAT TIME (esp. inside the MRT)!!

Zoey said...

next time...
the tour...we take bus! =D

Halimah said...

yes zoey....bus....

but not crowded bus can...i hate standing in the balance one! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ah.. An Ssi, Hope you like the beautiful and colourful Kueh Lapis...

Next time, I'll get you the famous Joo Chiat / Katong Durian Puffs..
They look normal on the outside, but is filled with
yummy durian pulp inside!

Check out the pic :)


Halimah said...

hahaha...Mr Yang spot the wrong camera lah...

anyway, how come I don't remember posing for the "Thanks for coming down!" photo??? 이상해요~~

Thomas....durian puffs!!!

Zoey said...

i also want durain puffs!!! =D
'kan' zhe you fen..=D
thank you thomas in advance~~ xD

su said...


wah!! new pics ah nice... those are from who??

hehehe... ha... the 'Thanks for coming down' pic actually got many... still remember the person ask to pose & take picture.. many times... err... 2 or 3 times ah...

hehehe... the pic of Shyan like teachin kekanda smthg... ^^ & Rini in the middle couldnt help laughin @ them.... *giggles*

The group photo is NICE!!!

oh~~ nice u have changed the error... *winks*

Looking forward for more outings~~!! ^^