Friday, December 18, 2009

[Photo] Korean Winter Tour 2009 Day 7 - Goodbye

Goodbye everyone! See you in Singapore soon!
Will miss you all a lot! ^ ^
싱가폴에 잘 도착하셨나요?
한국은 정말 많이 추웠죠?
추운 날씨에 함께 보낸 시간들, 오래도록 소중히 간직할게요!
또 만나요, 안녕~

With our tour group bus driver
Thanks for took care of our tour group! ^ ^
Autograph on the panel for the bus signboard for 'Winter Tour with Lee An'
With Lee Hua, Boyi's mom (she visited to ski resort where located in near Wonju), Wendy
Thanks for bring to all delicous 귤! ^ ^

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