Monday, December 14, 2009

[Photo] Korean Winter Tour with Lee An Day 2 - Gyeongju to Daegu

Winter Tour with Lee An 2009
Our very nice tour group!
Let's share all the fun in Korea!

With Lee Hua
With Serene

Visiting Bulguksa Temple

Can find familiar faces?

Lee An with Geraldine

Lee An with Thomas

Drinking very fresh Yaksu!

Makgeoli! Cheers~

The drama 'Boys Over Flower' site

Daegu Hurb Hilz
Making own designed hurb soup & candle!

I made it! Nice?

Play basketball! Who won?

'Modakbul' at outdoor

Enjoy ''pajoen'
Cheers~ with Pajeon

1 comment:

LeeHuaHalimah said...

Who won the basketball game? Of course me & Lee Hua LOR~~~
We got to the 2nd round 93 points some more for 2nd round...
Some people HOR only 1st round and 32 points, still want to cheat and say they win...tsk tsk tsk *shakes head*