Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Video] Some memories to share from Lee An Winter Tour 1

Korean Wedding at Sunbichon, Yonju 14 Dec 2009


Lee Hua said...

Nice video ^^
Great experiences with all laughters~

Anonymous said...

This is the first of some other videos that I'll be putting up :) Patience. heheh

The next one is Lee An's first day in Gyeongju, Shilla dining trip.


Halimah said...

오마이갓! ㅎㅎㅎ

Anonymous said...

halimah... Do you know I have footage of someone feeding u tangerine paste ... and then u UNCONSCIOUSLY made a ... "face" HAHAHAHA
Each time I see it, I laugh until i faint~ HAHAHA

noizumi said...

@TOM: i wanna see!! Must be interesting... Halimah and someone... Hahaha... have u upload that in ur FB profile yet??

btw, that vid above... why is it focusing on the 2 ladies instead of the bride and groom??

Halimah said...

ND...don't get your imagination run wild...that someone is a lady & i've seen that clip...horrible lah thomas...my expression was like "hmmmmmm??"

Anonymous said...

noizumi, cos that clip was dedicated especially to Priscilla, the lady in specs. She was on the trip with her daughter Beckii and was recording everything, so I decided to do this for her. That way, she'd have something to remind her of this trip :)
The other Yeongju video i did is focused on An ssi. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Such wonderful couple! Are they really married? Wish them live happily with each other.