Sunday, April 25, 2010

[LAFC] Lee An ssi Birthday Party Part 1 - Costa Sands 24th April

Birthday card from everyone! 감사합니다!

Birthday Card front

Birthday painting from Taiwan

Goodie bag prepared by LAFC exco

Somebody translate? ^ ^

Birthday album by Lee Hua, Halimah and Lucy

Gift from Huimin & Sharon, thanks so much, I was thinking of buy one eye mask! ^ ^

Nice 비니, Thanks Pauline! ^ ^

Wow~ Universal Studio 자유이용권? sponsored by Lee Hua~ thanks! hahaha

Lay Yan's hadmade phone chain, thanks a lot!

Thanks Juana! ^ ^

Nice t-shirts, I love it!!

Thanks, Snow~~ ^ ^
Thanks so much for all warm birthday blessing!
Our party photos, will update soon!
*Thanks for LAFC exco, all the preparation!


Lee Hua said...

哇! 大家的礼物~~ (wa!da jia de li wu~~)
Hope you will like them ^^
The photo album from some pages, look so funny from here... Haha~
Universal Studio 자유이용권? -> Yes, sponsored by me under my account...

你是潮男 --> ni shi chao nan (You are trendy man)
加油 --> jiayou (you should know la)
合格御守--> he ge yu shou (A blessing for you)
超Man --> chao man (Very man; like hen man which is the same meaning)

Halimah said...

Oh my...the thank you note with many mistakes...hahaha

Anyway, hope you like the gifts...and enjoyed yourself at the party...

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~