Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lee An teaching How to make Kimchi at Korea Plaza

Lee An's photo taking session

Getting more exciting:... Learn how to make Kimchi with Lee An!

Change of top 'Visit Korea year 2012'

Ready to make Kimchi?

Lee An became teacher's assistant. Making the basic sauce for Kimchi!

Trying to cut the radish, looks good, right?

Now mixing salted cabbage with the sauce

...Almost done...

SBS TV host Mi Ra interviewing Lee An

We Love Kimchi! We Love Lee An!

Lovely shot!

With SBS TV crew!

Thanks so much, 'Brand Korea' team!

And... adorable fan shows her love to Lee An!

Lee An with Mi Ra, she is also famous as VJ for MNET in Korea

SBS TV interviewing Mr. Park from KTO
Thanks so much for the support filming at Korea Plaza!

Will be broadcasted on SBS TV (April & May 2010),

More details will be updated soon!


Lee Hua said...

Whole day filming is fun ya... xin ku le~~ Can see that the cute aunties really Love Lee An loads loads... ^^

Halimah said...

oh....looks fun!