Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lee An with Jonathan & E-Von from Razor TV at Ju Shin Jung Katong

Lee An filmed with Razor TV for the program "Food in Your 'Hood" series
Introducing Katong 'Hood's Korean restaurant, Ju Shin Jung

SBS TV crew came to Singapore to film their program called 'Brand Korea'.
They wanted to feature Lee An on the program as 'Proud Korean' in Singapore.
So the team followed Lee An's one-day schedule and had an enjoyable time together with the local TV crew!

Ju Shin Jung Katong

Razor TV filming Korean food (with editor Jon and host E-Von)
Lee An discussed what Korean food is about...

After Razor TV filming, SBS TV host, Mi Ra, interviewed Lee An

Razor TV Mamot and Jon

Razor TV E-Von and Jon

E-Von interviewing Mdm. Yun from Ju Shin Jung

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