Monday, July 7, 2008

금요일에 만나요

안녕하세요? Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the support on last Live showcase at Dragonfly.
We are going to meet this Friday again right?
I'm very happy to have this chance, hope to have them more and more in the future.

This Friday campus concert will be the last official performance in Singapore for 2nd album 'Us' promotion. But I'm sure that we will meet soon again with other events & program here. ^ ^

Don't miss me too much & keep support please? ha ha ha!
For Friday campus concert, there will be Q&A game session middle of the concert.
My company prepared 3 necklaces for the winners. ^ ^
Remember the necklace with my name? '리안' 목걸이... ^ ^

For the future schedule, please check my company's website.

금요일에 만나요!
See you on Friday!
2008. 7. 7.


팬더 곰 (팸) said...

이번NYP공연 2집 싱가폴프로모션 마지막 공식공연이에요?
리안씨 자주보면좋겠어요...ㅠ.ㅠ
전NYP콘서트꼭가요~ ㅋㅋㅋ
I'm sure i will miss you and your voice alot~ ㅋㅋㅋ
해외에프로모션가요? 싱가폴팬들잊지마세요~ ㅋㅋ
we will wait for you here ^^
and 계속 응원할께요~!! 화이팅!
NYP 콘서트에서봐요~~~
Let's have lots of fun that day!


Lee Hua said...

Listening to Lee An's singing is an enjoyment~

하루 said...

나중에 싱가풀 와요?

Joanna Lee said...

So fast & it's all ending soon? So we'll have to wait til the launch of ure next album before we get to see u again???? How long will it be??? :(

If u are leaving within the next few days after the performnce then I wont get to see u at the airport.... I'm only working in the afternoon shift from next Friday onwards.... So sad....

Anyway, looking forward to Friday's @ NYP! Think all of us will enjoy it!

Good Night!


lucy said...

oh so fast? Sure will miss u.
Lucky i take leave on friday...
pls let us know when u r leaving s'pore.

See u on friday!

천혜 said...

Yes, looking forward to the NYP's event ^^

All of us gonna miss you when u leave Singapore,so do be back soon okie?

cheez said...

Hur? so fast? your events coming to an so used to checking your blogsite every now & then when am free:P

will miss U loads^^ please come back soon, ok? & u can still update us no matter where & which corner of the world u are at...

will support u mentally...if time doesn't allow us to do so physically...

aaaaaah...sob sob...missing u already:(

all the best to fRiDaY!^^

chloe said...

Hey, u will still update your blog here right? :-) at least we know how u are doing no matter where u are...

And have a good time tommorrow!

Lyn said...

sob! sob!..i will not be able to attend tomorrow's event...

for those of you who are able to go, do cheer for him as loud as i think it's going to take a long time for Lee An to be back to Singapore again...

Lee An, it will be quite some times before you come back to S'pore do enjoy youself tomorrow and have lots of fun with the fans at the polytechnic.

Joanna Lee said...


Today's event at NYP was a success! Congrats! We had a lot of fun too! Especially it's an indoor event....

The balloons help a lot with the atmosphere too! But a lot of students were commenting about having to blow the balloons themselves when we gave it to them.... I told them it's to get them involve with the performance! Hahaha!

Anyway, I gotta rush to Penang now... See u at the airport! Oh ya! If u need to get anything from the duty free, I could help u get discounts for most items!