Thursday, July 3, 2008

[Photo] 28 Jun 2008, Dragonfly


chloe said...

Nice performance. The sound system was also very good.

하루.. said...

와... 사건의 좋은 사진이세요.
Dragonfly에 기분이 너무 좋세요.
당신의 소리가 멋있었어요.

나중에 불계요.
Pardon me for my weak korean. =D


천혜 said...


Thanks for uploading the pictures, very nicely taken...saw myself at some photos ~ Shy~hahahaa...More Fun to come ...NYP!!!

Joanna Lee said...

Hi Lee An!

Great performance at Dragonfly! Thanks a lot for uploading the photos too!

Looking forward to next Friday at NYP! And also ure album!

See ya!

Lee Hua said...

Nice photos~
See ya soon again in the next perf~
Gonna to enjoy~

lucy said...

Hi Lee Ann,
Nice performance last week i and my fren very enjoy. Thanks for uploading our photo in.

See u at NYP hope eveyone we will enjoy.

팬더 곰 (팸) said...

하이 하이!
2년후에 다시만나서 너무너무 기뻐요~
앞으로 활동에서 자주자주 봐요!

드래곤 플라이 사진 넘이뻐요... ㅋㅋㅋ
사진중에...그무대에서 찍은사진...
제 얼구포정가이상해요 ㅠ.ㅜ
우리와리안씨 같이찍은 사진~ 와우! 이뻐요!

NYP공연날 또봐요! ^^ Take Care~


cheez said...

wow! that was so much fun that i missed out on:( how i wished i could make up for the school's instead...

well, all the best to the coming session at nyp...& the rest of u gals here...enjoy!^^