Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank you 감사합니다

Today I had a lot of fun with fans & NYP students at the campus.
Hope everybody enjoyed as much as I did. ^ ^

Thanks for all arrangement for the gold balloons.
When I see everybody waves balloons, it really cheer me up!

Thanks for the beautiful flowers, gifts, and all the support.
Hope to come back soon for next event and meet you all there again!


2008. 7. 11.


팬더 곰 (팸) said...

Really enjoyed the showcase today ^^
the balloons and cheers were awesome!
hope you like the flowers we've gave you~
and also glad to know that you like the balloon
arrangement too!!! Awesome Stage today!

I'm in PC bang now... so i can't type
in korean... maybe i'll leave one more
comments when i get home today ^^
my friends were also very happy to see you after 2 years...
hope to see you perform again real soon...
don't let us wait too long ok? haha
hwaiting!!! ^^


annie said...

안녕 리안씨,

Glad that you like the flower we gave ^^ ... and we also enjoy ourselves too (^__^)

Thank for bringing us a great performance ^^...

Hope to see you soon in Singapore..


Lee Hua said...

Hi Lee An,

Sorry that I'm unable to attend today event due to the busy work today. Juz back from office. Heard from my friend saying that today event was fun and the atmosphere was good with everyone waving the balloons. That's nice! Heard you were very cute today! Hehe~ Please take good care of yourself when you are flying off soon! Drink more water ya. Eat well and sleep well too. Hope to see you soon one day!

Fighting~ Fighting~

숭민 said...


It has been very long since I last left a comment on your blog because I've been very busy with my work~~~ Really very sad that I wasn't able to make it to your NYP performance due to my work~ I heard from 천혜 that it was very fun~~~ hope that you will be back in sinagpore very soon after you have finish your album promotions~! Looking forward to more of your events too!!!!

Take care!

**saranghae-oppa** said...

Thank you for the wonderful performance this afternoon~

i am sure many people there enjoyed it very much~!

Your new hair color looks very god on you~



leafleaf said...

HI Lee An! :D yeayea. thanks for coming to NYP! And we really enjoy the concert!! it was nice of you to take picture with us when the concert ends and you are very "warming"! haha! hope to see ya more often in s'pore. I can't post the picture if not i can send ya the pic :D haha! TAKE CARE!

lucy said...

Thanks for bringing us a great performance and your wishes to me. I'm happy to hear from you saying Happy Birthday to me. Thanks to you & Bo yi.

I hope that your promotions in other countries will be successful.
Hwaiting!!! ^^v
Hope to see you back soon.

chloe said...

Glad to hear that all of u had loads of fun.

Too bad wasn't able to make it there yesterday T_T

Anyway shall wait to see the pics...

Btw, Lee Ann ssi, have a safe trip home next week.

탄큐우모이 said...

아녕하세요 리안씨,
어제는 “난양포리”에서 콘서트 아주 재밌있어요!
이번 리안씨 사진 캍이 찍어도 많이요!
참 기분 좋아요! 고마워요!
리안씨 자주 보면좋겠어요!
참 보고싶어
We will miss u, yr voice, yr song & yr laughter
Ha Ha Ha
“두우리언파푸”하고 "바비큐돼지고기” 어떼요? 괜찮아요? 맜있서요?
즐거운 주말 보내세요!
7월15일 싱가폴를 공항에서 봐서요!
꼭 행복해요! 약속해!
잘 자요!

탄큐우모이 said...

아녕하세요 리안씨,
오늘 잘 지내서요!

천혜 said...

안녕 ~^^

Yes, it was really fun @ NYP, and I enjoyed myself loads.Tt's so nice to see everyone wavin the gold balloons at the same time...^^

Thanks for the great performance & photo-taking sesisons ....

Hope u will have a great time touring around asia to promote your album, and be back soon ya?

Meanwhile take loads of care

Juana said...

Hi Lee An,

Notice that you will be at airport tomorrow, I would like to send you off. May I know about what time you will be at Changi airport?

Have a nice day!

Valerie said...

Hi Lee An :D

Don't know whether you still remembered me... Valerie :D I was one of the winners of the necklaces for your fan.

I liked the necklace a lot. The design was really nice. I'll keep them properly :D

Ur performance was GREAT! Very happy to know that you've like NYP. Hope to see you real soon in Singapore again.

Maybe you'll want some pictures from ur concert... These are the webbie :D

Your necklace are in safe hands....

Kanbatte? FIGHTING! ^-^

Signing off
Valval O_o

Lee An said...

Hi Thanks everybody, 팸, annie, lee hua, 숭민, 졔시, leafleaf, Lucy, chloe, 탄큐우모이, 천혜, juana and valerie!
So I will meet some of you at the airport tomorrow night. 고마워요! ^ ^

The flight departure time is 10.35pm. It will be good around 9pm can meet up you.

Oh, Valerie, thanks for the photo link. I think some of url missing. Could you let me know again? Thanks. Glad to know that you like the necklace. ^ ^

Valerie said...

Yea of course :D

These are the links :D

Really hope I could send you off at the airport... Sorry that i couldn't make it tml... I promise the next time i will send you off :D But don't know whether you'll know in your huge mass of fans by that time... Anyway, take care of yourself in Korea yea? :D

Hope that you'll be coming back to Singapore soon... Update us on your events at Korea :D :D

Valerie ^^

천혜 said...

안녕 리안씨,

Sorry that I cant send you off tomorrow as I have lesson till 9 pm at night, anyway, take care.. Me and my frens will miss you loads ^^


cheez said...

Thanks, Valerie! i had a chance to see cute Lee An & the golden balloons too^^

Take care & see u real soon, Lee An!:O)