Friday, February 27, 2009

Lee An's Singapore Tour with Fans Part2

Lee An's Singapore Tour with Fans Part2

(NATASファンミーティングのあとで、Lee An はファンと一緒に シンガポール巡りをします, パート2)

Date : 28 Feb (Sat) 2009
Time : 5pm to 8pm (After NATAS Travel 2009 Fans meeting at Singapore EXPO)

Journey :
1. MRT train date : From Singapore EXPO MRT station to City Hall MRT station
2. Walk along CityLink : From City Hall MRT station to Suntec City Sky Garden
3. Sky Garden Tea Time : Our final journey Sky Garden, Lee An and fans will have short tea time there!

So after NATAS event, let's ride train & walk together with Lee An! ^ ^
See you on Saturday!

Lee An Fans Meeting on NATAS Travel Fair 2009

Date : 28 Feb 2009
Time : 4-5pm
Venue : Singapore Expo, KTO booth
There will be autograph session & games
Winner prize : KTO T-shirts~

LEE ANのファンミーティング

2009年2月28日 (土曜日)
時間: 4時 - 5時
会場: シンガポール Expo , KTOのブースサイン会やゲームがあります
優勝賞品: KTOのTシャツ


Halimah said...

woohooohooo....Lee Hua de Japanese ^^

Lee Hua said...

haha~ as long yuzu san understand can liaoz... still need to work more harder...

noizumi said...

wah... japanese!!
lee hua did this??
sugoi ne~


btw, who's yuzu san??

Lee Hua said...

yuzu san is a fan of Lee An^^