Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lee An UBC radio interview & Korea's 2nd largest city, Busan

Early in the morning, heading to UBC for radio interview
FM92.3 전선민의 유쾌한 데이트

With DJ Jeon Seon Min
Thank you! ^ ^

With DJ Jeon Seon Min, after the interview

With Mr. Ha Sik Joon
Broadcast & Engineering Division, Team Manager
Ms. Yoon Tae Jeong
Programming & Production Division
Announcer/Radio Producer

UBC 울산방송

With Mr. Lee Dal Woo
News & Sports Division
News Reporter

With Mr. Lee Sang Yong
Programming & Production Division
Mr. John Kang
Programming & Production Division
Chief Producer

With Ms. Choi Yeong Sil
News & Sports Division

For Thomas... ^ ^;

Ulsan central view

Famous 자장면 집!

With owner of the Korean Chinese restaurant

Goodbye Ulsan~

Hi Busan!
The 2nd largest city in Korea

현민... ^ ^

개금 골목 시장


Anonymous said...

Wow...very nice Place & Thx for share too Us^_^ & always up date Your blogs too share with Us..
Take Care & Jia You & GBU, Alice Jie & Miss Boyi
~ IRA ~

Halimah said...

1st thing I see is....BYC!! Hhahahaaa...Now, if Thomas decides to buy *****wear in Ulsan, he knows where to go!! (Thomas don't kill me yah ^^)

Again tempting us with food....jajangmyeon!!

Ferris wheel is scary!

Ah, so this is Hyun Min...who write on Aegi earlier during the day...

Market looks very clean & dry...not a wet market?

su said...

ah~~ wanted to go to Busan...
U going to the themepark there?? Heard its BIG & the scenery is nice...

If u go there rite, take some pics ah.. wan to see hw's the place.. ^^

hahaha... pic of BYC for T-Rex.. hahaha.. he'll be veri happi...

Zoey said...

BYC!! xD
so nice of you to take that picture for Thomas..xD

seems like you've enjoyed yourself in Korea..hmm..if there's a chance..bring us go to Korea and play ^^ *but dont bring su along =p*

현민 너무너무 귀엽다!! (^^-)

su said...

*sad* even here oso can bully ppl one... haiz...

Zoey said...

eh?! who bully su?!
who's so bad??? xD

thomas said...

Wow.. Baek Yang 白羊 White Sheep Company is so famous in Korea!

Jerry An Ssi, why do you see BYC and think of me? haha

I thought BYC = BoYi? :X