Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lee An at Sangju Church & Ulsan GanJeolGot

Looks yummy?
This is '해물찜' for breakfirst & lunch in SangJu, Sunday morning

Before we leave SangJu Church, took photo with Father Dephino

Music band in the church
All handsome boys, isn't it? ^ ^

Received 3 boxes of 상주 곶감 from Fr. Delphino

Catholic SangJu GaeWunDong Church

With John from catholic university
Goodbye 'Sangju'

Sweet potato bread

^ ^

Hello 'Ulsan'
This place called MunSu Worldcup Stadium
The shape looks like crown

From Ulsan '옹기골 도예' Onggigol Doye
There will be Onggi Expo Ulsan Korea 2009
9th Oct 2009~8th Nov 2009

옹기골 도예 lady boss served nice tea and gave onggi necklace to us
thank you!

간절곶 Ganjeol Got
The 1st place sunrise in Korea
The light house is very beautiful

희망 우체통
A big mail box at Ganjeol Got
People can step into the mailbox and write their wishes.
When they drop into the normal mailbox inside it, people deliver it to some sponsor.
See who's wish become true.. ^ ^

Historical status at Ganjeol Got
With Mr. Lee Dal Woo from UBC

^ ^

These sea food catched by restaurant owner at the day
Really fresh... ^ ^

After dinner, had samll gathering with Dr. Lee
the President of Ulsan International Windsurfing Championships 2009


su said...

Wah!! U been eating alot ah... that's good.. ^^

Hmm... so did u write any wishes?? wat is it, can i noe?? soo good ah.. someone can sponsor to make ur wish come true.. wish S'pore os can do the same... ^^

aniwei, wat is inside the 3 boxes?? dun understand Korean leh...

Hmm... handsome boys?? ti me u more handsome.. hehehe ^_-

Lyn said...


is the first dish-noodles with seafood? looks yummy!!

nice to see that you are busy with lots of events/activities...

Zoey said...

0.0 <- shocked after reading su's comment...

the Big Big MailBox!!
seems fun and meaningful~~
wa~~ if i have the chance to go there..i'll want to write my wish too~~ ^^