Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lee An visits Andong & Sangju in Gyeong Sang province

Ok, before start journey to south-eastern part of Korea, Gyeong Sang province, we had Rice Cake soup, 떡국 (the one I cooked on Wan Bao, haha.. looks similar?) in Wonju!

My car...

Visiting Mr. Lim Hyung Kyoo(my godfather), President of 'Intangible Cultural Properties No. 69 HaHoe Mask Dance Drama Preservation Society of Korea'

'Intangible Cultural Properties No. 69 HaHoe Mask Dance Drama Preservation Society of Korea'

With Mr. Lim 아버지, 유진, 효진 and 어머니

아버지's gift
Hahoe Mask, made in porcelain
Usually made in wood

Mini Hahoe mask pendant

Guess whose feet? and what is it?

With Mr. Kim Jong Hueng at Hahoe Maeul 하회마을, cultural village
which will be selected as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2009
The house behind was visited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1999

Mr. Kim explaining to me about 'Ggot Nae' 꽃내
The river which surrounds Hahoe Maeul


Mr. Kim's sculpture 장승 performance
장승 명인 김종흥

갓 (noble man's hat) on my head

Mr. Kim serves us tea and 곶감 (very delicious)


With 장승 made by Mr. Kim

After Andong, we visited Priest Dephino in Sang Ju, a city famous for 곶감
What is 곶감? Thomas, explain please.. hahahaha

Very nice capuccino at 커피가게

And.. we stay in church tonight...

3 very cheerful ladies in church
Good night!


Halimah said...

Hahha...what's with the laughing at the 3 of you in the picture :)

btw, looking @ the colour of the pants, of coz it's your feet...and Mr Donald Duck! Hahaa...

Ah...Yoo Jin & Hyo Jin...they came on Aegi earllier in the day ^^

I like the Hahoe necklace better than the real mask itself...your Godfather made it? It sure takes a lot of skills...

noizumi said...

wow! nice view...
i like it!

wish i was there...

thanks 4 the pics~

Thomas said...

An Ssi!!!

Trying to test me? haha

곶감 should be called Persimmon in English.

First Halla Bong now, persimmon... ehheeh

su said...

hi kekanda...

the Rice Cake looks delicious.. next time can make for us?? ^^

hahaha.. nvr know u have Donald Duck socks.. ao cute.. hahaha...

wah! u wearing the noble hat.. reminds me of those old century era.. where those gentlemen weraing it.. but i think the hat is a little small for you... dont u think so??

Ah... the cappucino looks veri much like the ones i seen in Coffee Prince.. ^^

How is it like staying in a church??

Aniwei, have fun there, which i noe u will... take care of your health oso... ^_-

Lee Hua said...

Nice places...
More of a cultural place...
Hahoe necklace and the masks are nice too...
곶감( Persimmon )is a very nice fruit right.. a sweet taste esp...