Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some photos from Jeju, Seoul and Wonju

Jeju 'Halla Bong' 한라봉, one of the famous fruit!
We did some shopping on 30 Jan, before leave Jeju

'Yong Du Am', 용두암
We stopped for a while for enjoy the sea wind, but still very cold there.
Jeju is also famous of strong wind... ^ ^

After we arrived Gimpo airport, start driving again to Wonju city

Late night, we visited one of famous restaurant for 'BBQ Chicken feet' in Wonju!
The Udon & Gimbap also very nice!
And... good night... ^ ^


Halimah said...

Very clear night sky...That was a very nice picture ^^

Joanna Lee said...

Anything is fine except chicken feet!