Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lee An goes to Jakarta! & Some photos

Hi Everyone!!

I will fly to the Jakarta tomorrow for promotion activities!
Many interesting schedule are waiting for me! So exciting now! ^ ^
Try to make video and will share with you all when I'm back!
See you all at the TCS DAY Pajamas Party!!
*Thomas! must come!* hahaha

((Jakarta Schedule))

Lee An Radio Interview
DJ Andy 12~4pm (1.30pm)
DJ Elva 4~6pm
Lee An on Trans TV Dorce Show
Date : 16th Jan 2009 (Filming)
Jakarta(Indonesia) Showcase
Date : 17th Jan 2009, 5pm
Venue : Mal Taman Anggrek
Media Interviews
Let's Dance Online Game Anniversary
Special Guest Star
(It's a game exhibition and competition)
Date : Sun 18th @ 5pm
Venue : Mangga 2 Square

((Some photos after Korea))

Good Bye 2008!


Brighten up 2009~

Dinner with Huang Shi Fu at Long Beach Restaurant!
So delicious!

Today, did something for hair!
Will show you later some changes~ ^ ^


Lee Hua said...

so many events ya coming up!
Are you ready? Haha~
Do enjoy ur promo there and shared with us when u return!
hao hao zhao gu zi ji~
Have a safe n nice trip ^^

Halimah said...

Lee An ssi....

Have fun in Jakarta....must charm them OK ^^ 'threatening' Thomas is it? *laughs*

You MUST wear cute cute PJ! And bake cookies for us! ;)

su said...

LA ssi~~~

Have lots of fun & enjoy there, k...
Learn some indo words there, then we can converse... ^-^

Dun forget to take pics oso..

Semoga berjaya!!

lucy said...

Ok... see you at pyjamas party..
Have fun over there..


su said...

ermm... LA ssi~~

In the Lets Dance Online Game Anniversary... will u be dancing??
It'll be fun if u'll be dancing.. never see you dance before leh...

hmm... during the TCS Day.. can dance for us?? If shy... dance for me onli oso can... hehehe ;p

LH said...

din realise photos upload also~ haha~ ur new hairstyle... hmm...
look forward~

Zoey said...

thanks Hyeong for 'threatening' Thomas to go for the Pajama Party~~ xD
hope you'll enjoy yourself at Jakarta~~ ^^
see you tmr *prayin i wont oversleep* and on Pajama Party~~ =)

lucy said...

How was your day?
What is your feeling when you reach jakata?

Lee Hua said...

Doing well in Jarkate? ^^

Zoey said...

hi hyeong~
how's the filming today?? was it fun?? =)

Anonymous said...

Anyong…. Lee An Oppa…. Remember me??? My name is Vera your fans from Indonesia…
I very like listening your song, especially women de wei lai?US^^. Oppa I want to say thanks because you want take a picture with me…. I’m so Happy for that^0^…. I will waiting for you in March……
Hope All the Best for you….. Sarangheo Oppa…. Oppa FIGHTING!!!!!!!