Monday, January 19, 2009

Lee An Jakarta Mangga 2 Square

Let's Dance Online Game Anniversary
What was this event?
My 3 songs from 2nd album going to launch in the online game "Ayo Dance" in Indonesia on next month. Today's event is celebrate the online game 2nd anniversary.
So I had good time with all the friends there.
I hope can play the game with my songs myself too! ^ ^

Ms. Eva & Mr. Nelson from Megaxus
Before the performance at the waiting room
Thanks for coming down!

Ayo Dance Anniversary cake!

With DJ Andy & Alice!
Thank you very very much!! ^ ^

Great new friends in Jakarta!
Thanks for the support! ^ ^

On Your Birthday & Happy My Star

Autograph session... DJ Andy, what were you doing?!

Mr. Chong Sun with his family (the daughter name is 'Hanuelyi')
Thanks for coming down and support!
Really appreciate! ^ ^

With Ms. Rita from Megaxus
Thanks for coming down & nice dinner!

Had delicious Chinese dinner at Mangga 2 Square with
Agnes, Rita, Cindy, Juls(^^) and Andy

Thanks for the cap & earring and lollipop! ^ ^
Cha Cha, Ella, Natalia, Nova and Megah!
(Hope you had big dinner after the waiting, sorry for it, made you hungry and thanks again!)

Group photo with the event team! ^ ^

The photo for Cha Cha, Ella, Natalia, Nova & Megah!
Terima Kasih! ^ ^

After the day end, had famous Indonesia Bintang Beer with Leroy & Alice!
Xin Ku Ni Men Le~~~ ^ ^


Halimah said...

Haha...I'm still awake @ this unearthly hour!

Anyway, HUGE turnout Mangga Dua Square! Sukses! ^^

Oh. 'Ayo Dance'....does that mean when you play the game, you have to dance? Su will go crazy about this...hahahaa

Su...please don't kill me *muacks*

su said...

LA ssi~~!!
What a huge turn out @ your event!! Gong Xi Ni~~!!!

The picture of you with the cap & lollipop is veri CUTE!!!

At last.. eating a proper meal... no more sandwiches.. ^_-


su said...

hehehe... Ha.. i won't kill u... this makes me happi... cos LA ssi.. will have to dance in order to play it!!

Cant wait to see him DANCE!!!


Anonymous said...

i'm ella...remmember me??
btw,,thank u so much for the pics..
u llook so cute n cool very much...!!!
i love u're pose..hehe...
don't forget to wear our earings ok..
n i'm so sorry if u don't like it..nut the eraring wear from jaejoong oppa u know him??hehehe...i think this earing good for i hope u like it yah..^^
lee an oppa...!!!
wish u all the best....!!!!

Lee Hua said...

^^ A huge turn out at your event! Many people... Really really happy for you! Can see that they were enjoying ur song... You look so cuteee in some pics ya. Esp the lollipop and cap... Cutie pie, LA... Haha~ Enjoy yourself over there these few days...

Maria said...

annyeonghaseyo Lee An...

yesterday I watched ur performance at Mangga 2 Square

hahaha ^^

Anonymous said...

Hai Oppah.How are U???

Anonymous said...

Hai....Oppa ^_^
How are U ? what are U doing Now? Still remember me??? ehm..Im IRA ^_^ Do you remember me???I hope If U back too Ur County U still remember Me...& all Mya Friends In Indonesia ( Jakarta) ... remember we always Support U...& if U come back in Jakarta again in March...I will be meet& support U again...I Promise..^_^
Do U has read My Letter? Please U can contact me in My email OR My Friendster OK...I will waiting..
I & All My Frieng Very like your song, because very Good & energetic Special : Hapy My Star Wo Men De Wei Lai / US ...that song very SPecial...because U can sing with 2 language ( chines & Korea )
I hope U alway Sucses & Always Happy & can have much Fans in the word, because U very Kind & yaou Song is very Good...
Lee an Oppa..Sarang heo...Love U 4 ever...& always Support U...
& Hope GOD always make U HAppy & always Bless U every time ^_^

See U in March
From : IRA Please dont forget to Contact me...I will waiting ^_^ OR

noizumi said...

yeah... i agree..
the pic with lollipop is major cuteness!!
too bad i can't be there...
it looks uber fun!
hope u'll come to jakarta again and perform...

Anonymous said...

Hai Lee An Oppah...
AnnyeonghaseyoHow are U? Hope U always Heatly ,Sucsecc & HAppy in your Live ^_^

What your doing now?
Thax 4 everthing & Im so Happy can meet U & can watch you perform in TA, Mangga dua Squere & in Cakrawala Radiao...
I always Support U...& Hope all the best 4 U & I will waiting too meet u On March OK....Hope is soon ...^_^
U is Nice & very kind...U song is very Good & I very like when the first I listening your songs in your blog I like all Ur songs especially : US ( WO MEN DE WEI LAI, HAPPY MY STAR & ON YOUR BDAY )...
Em are U stiil remember me?? IRA???
Im very Lucky can meet U 3 days in Jakarta ^_^
Thax if U still remember me....Dont forget me Your fans in Jakarta Okey....I always Suport U 4 Ever...Jia You...GBU


Lyn said...

wow!!! it's nice to see and hear that you are well-received in indonesia...

Keep it up!!

Lee An said...

hello halimah & su!
No, you 2 have to dance for me~~ hahaha

hi ella~
Thanks for the earing, yes, it's very nice! I like it very much! thanks!

hi Lee Hua & Lyn, thanks!
see you soon! ^ ^

hello Marisa!
You came to Mannga 2 Sqaure!
Hope to see you more often in future event too! ^ ^

Hi Ira!
Thanks for the support!
Yes, of course i remember you, from the 1st day, Cakrawala radio station, 3 days and your picture with me, thank you very much! Also thanks for like my music!
Hope to see you soon again in Jakarta!

Hi Noizumi!
Thanks thanks! hahaha yes, huayiting! see you soon again!
^ ^

Halimah said...

O_o Dance for come I kena sabo?? It's Su who said she WILL dance for you.

Su...come, tell me which song you want to dance to...'On Your Birthday'?? OK can, I'll get it for you..I'll be your manager..ahaha...

*covers ears & not listening to Lee An ssi*

su said...

LA ssi... u dance 1st lah... then we follow.. *winks*

Ha.. u become my manager ah.. FOC can?? hahaha... but that day my rest day lor.. dancing veri tiring leh...

For me, i'm waiting for kekanda to dance for me... ^_*

Anonymous said...

Hai Lee An Oppa....
i want to talk about my feeling... After few day I know u I really like U.... so U are My IDOL because U are so kind , honest, & the important ....thing U not forget Ur fanz so that one make me really likes U & makes U different with other idol. So I hope U can keep your good personality...^_^ So when u became big star idol I can pround with U.
So U must to remember ur very special from me..I ALWAYS SUPPORT U 4 EVER ^_^ ...I PROMISE...U BELIVE THAT ???


LEE AN OPPA....Can U give some photo with the gift from US? but its must be Handsome Photo & with big smile & Kissing....^_^ Ha...Ha...Ha...So We can Always Remember U.... Remeber U ^_^
Sarangheo LEE AN OPPA....

Anonymous said...

Lee An Oppa...can U hear Your song now in Play at Cakrawala Radio....I will Always Request your sngs in Cakrawala radio....because I want can Many people can Hear U songs...& They can be come your Fans too like Me....I Promise I must be Tell all My Frienends & Sobat hope thay all can listening your song ^_^
Sarangheo Lee An Oppa... ^_^
I send some photo wit U , Andy & Us in Gathering in Taman Anggrek...Hope U like it...^_^
See You...I will contact U ok....
~ IRA ~