Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lee An Jakarta Showcase at Mal Taman Anggrek

Mr. Yoon Moon Han from Korean Embassy
As our VIP guest for the showcase
Thanks you very much!

Before the showcase with MTA staffs
Thank you!

MTA stage with CNY theme

With Dj Andy(event host) and fans
Special guest from Korean Embassy, Mr. Yoon Moon Han
Thank you!

Auntograph & photo taking with fans

At MTA office for media interview
With Ms. Anastasia & DJ Andy

Media interviews

With DJ Andy

With Jakarta fans, after the interview
Thank you so much for coming down and big support!


su said...

WAH!!!! LA ssi~~
U have a HUGE fan base there already ah.. U must feel veri happy & blessed!!

Hope for today's event will make it more broader!! Jiayou!! Aja Aja Hwaiting!!

Looking forward for more of your pics & updates on your events there~~ ^-^

LA ssi Hwaiting!! BY Hwaiting!!

lucy said...

So alots of fans... ^^
Hope you enjoy yourself..

Lee Hua said...

Wa~ thanks for sharing ur updates again ^^ have many enjoyments there right despite of the tirness... many fans wor... good good~ Do enjoy urself more ^^

noizumi said...

Wah! How come i didn't know u're having a photo session back there! Huaaaa.... so envy them... (i saw my friend there!) Hahaha...
Thank U 4 coming to TA. I wasn't sure to come or not yesterday, but it turn out i made it! Thanks 4 ur autographed on my newly bought CD! Hehehe... I'm listening to it atm.
And thanks also 4 taking a pic with me. But too bad, due to my retard cellphone camera, it turned out blur... Huhuhu...
I'm writing a fan account in my blog atm. Can i take the pics here to be posted there? Since all the photos taken yesterday all ruined! I credit here 4 sure... OK?!Thanks...
Good luck with today show @Mangga2Square!

Halimah said...

You looked like you really enjoyed yourself! :)

Btw, the mall was very cold? Wore so many layers of clothes....hehhee

I'm getting used to your new hairstyle...slowly...hahhaaa

Joanna Lee said...

WOW!!!! Lee An is so popular in JKT!!! Check out the amount of people who turn up for ure events!!!!

Happy for u.... Cant wait for u to come back.... Wanna show u & Boyi how bad my fall was.... *SOBS*

Did u had a haircut? Looks a bit different.

Anonymous said...

wow oppa~
i saw u performin there..LOL..just goin for some shopping n suddenly i saw u performing..its very crowded right??LOL..d first song u sang is d one u sang during korean pop night right?
thx 4 coming to JKT.come back for some more performances!!


Anonymous said...

Hai....lee An Oppa
So nice to Meet U in TA again ^_^ & thanx 4 CD , Poster & photo that U give to Me...Im So like it & I will remember & I will save this CD in my room ^_^
I very like your perform in TA...^_^ U performs & song is Very Okey...
BTW U still remember me IRA???
Now I your Fans..So...dont Forget me ocey...^_^

Lee An said...

su, lucy, Lee Hua, halimah & joanna!
Thanks for the msg. next time come to jakarta together ok ? ^ ^
yak sok hae you~

hi Noizumi!
Thanks for the msg. I'm glad that you like th songs too!
Hope you enjoy more of my music in future too! ^ ^
Yes, of course you can use the pictures on this blog!
See you more often here!!

Hi josephine!
Yes, the song 'Us' I sang on Korean Pop Night concert in Singapore. Did you come that night?
wow.. hahaha
Glad that you like my song, see you soon again! ^ ^

Hi Hi Ira~
thanks for the msg, and letter and all the support!
see you more often! OK?
Thank you!!!

Halimah said...

Yak sok hae?...Must tell us earlier next time ^^

su said...

hmm.. looks like LA ssi have pick up new words there...

Anonymous said...

Anyong…. Lee An Oppa…. Remember me??? My name is Vera your fans from Indonesia…
I very like listening All your song, especially women de wei lai?US^^. Oppa I want to say thanks because you want take a picture with me…. I’m so Happy for that^0^…. I will waiting for you in March……
Hope All the Best for you….. Sarangheo Oppa…. Oppa FIGHTING!!!!!!!