Wednesday, January 28, 2009

[News] Lee An on 'Jejusori', Korea

2009년 01월 21일 (수) 10:20:04


Zoey said...

i dont understand the article..translate for us..=D
anyway..have tonnes and tonnes of fun in Korea..and dont forget to practise your Chinese.. ^^

Halimah said...

Wah Zoey....all of a sudden..Hyeong-nim??...hahaa

Zoey said...

halimah: hyeong-nim sounds cooler than hyeong..xD

Halimah said... call hyeong-nim coz you want to ask for ask him to translate the article right ;)


Zoey said...

halimah: no..from the bottom of my heart..i sincerely truly seriously really very feel that hyeong-nim sounds cooler..xD