Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lee An Jeju Winter Snowflakes Trekking in Mt. Halla

Jeju journey... 29 Jan 2009

Try airport railroad from Incheon to Gimpo

????? ^ ^


Before performance, one sprite...

Tea time

Lucky draw..

With Jeju fans club president, vice-president and vice-vice president... hahaha
고맙습니다 누나! ^ ^

With Alice and Ms. Kang from Jeju Government
Thank you!

With Ms. Kang Jong Lan
Thanks! ^ ^


Halimah said...

Sprite before performance *frowns*

Can get sore throat!

Photo against winter backdrop (the one before 'Tea Time' photo) is nice...colours of your outfit matches the winter well ^^

Thanks Alice for the great photos ^^

su said...

ah~~ i see u are wearing your favourite jeans.. hehehe... not cold meh??

Like ha said, drink Sprite before performance..?? your throat must be used to it oredy huh...

wah!! didnt know u got many vice-presidents in your fanclub...

ah~~ someday must try the train... looks spacious...

Enjoy your stay there!!

Lee Hua said...

Thanks for sharing ^^
Singing again... That's cool~
The whole event seem good~
Hmm... What's up with the 2nd pix?
Your fav sprite again... Haha~
Enjoy yourself ya ^^

Joanna Lee said...

Mt Halla? U know what Halla means in chinese?

It's so convenient with the train now! Looks very comfortable...

noizumi said...

yeah, gotta try traveling by that train.. looks spacious...

what's up with the boot pic?? lol

i love oppa when his wearing that hat?! *i forgot the name of it*
i always like it!

enjoy ur time...^^