Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lee An Jakarta Appearance on 17 Jan 2009


lucy said...

Hi Lee An,
Hope your performance at jakarta will be successful.

Hwaiting.. Hwaiting..

su said...

all the best in Jakarta...
apply more suntan lotion... it'll be hot there!!


Lee Hua said...

Hi Hi,

Glad that you are going to Jakarta for promo... Hope ur performace will be a successful one. Meeting new people there... Do enjoy urself there ^^

jiayou~ jiayou~

Joanna Lee said...

Congrats! Finally going to JKT! Hope ure performance there will be a success! I'll see u soon!

~josephine said...

lee an oppa~
just now i watched ur performance in mal taman anggrek!!it was so cool!!come back soon to jakarta for more performances!!