Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lee An on KissVaganza, Indosiar & Fans meeting

Early in the morning, heading to Indosiar for 7am morning live show

Fans already there and waited for me!
Thank you very much!

Make-up room in Indosiar


KissVaganza host, Ivan, Ruben & Eko

Gifts from fans, heading to fans meeting

Ice rink at Taman Anggrek

Group photo
Thanks for everybody, and Andy & Juls ^ ^

At KBS World

With Mr. An Geun Hyo (Director)

K-TV Mr. Park Young Soo (President)
Thanks so much KBS World & K-TV!


noizumi said...

woah... u're having a farewell party in TA?! Huaaa... so envy them...

hope u can come again to Jakarta next time... ^^

u'll having a pajama party tonight right?? have fun... sweet dream...

ps: i love the blue jacket u wore @Kiss Vaganza!

Halimah said...

Wah....Kiss Vanganze looks VERY FUN....reminds me of those Korean variety shows...did you get 'bullied' a lot? Hahahaa...

Btw, "GIMME MORE"...give you more Yes yes, hope you get more fans ^^

I give the "GIMME MORE" photo a THUMBS UP...must smile like that more...then all your Indonesian fans will melt ^^

su said...

Wah!! change your Blog outlook oredy!!

Hehehe... nice blue jacket u are wearing...

See lots of laughs at the morning talkshow... wonder what is it all about??

Will hear about it tmr, rite.. *winks*

have a good nite rest.. heard u got an interview tmr.. then later got our TCS Day!!

C ya tmr!!! ^-^

Lee Hua said...

Nice blog outlook ^^
Thanks for the updates again...
Cool photos..
Cool fans...
Cool gifts...
Cool Lee An... Haha~
The program look interesting and fun... I wanna to watch...

Zoey said...

Kiss Vanganze seems very fun and interesting~~ =D
Hyeong~~ upload the vid for us to watch,okay? =D

see you later at the party~~
must try the cookies i made,okay? =D